engagement session in Chianti is a great idea beleive me

engagement session in Chianti

engagement session in Chianti is a georgeous idea. Everybody know the beauty of tuscan region, with beautiful hills and amazing backgrounds.

The perfect season for your engagement session in Chianti is the spring and the autumn, so you can find the perfect clime and beautiful light.Of course is my point of view as tuscan photographer. If you have planned a romantic trip in Italy, you can’t miss to visit Tuscany. This is the story about an engagement session in Chianti to the end of the summer.

A young couple contacted me for a romantic engagement session in Chianti area. The meeting point was a beautiful venue, Agriturismo Quercia al Poggio. I was really happy to shoot there because I love this incredible and tipical venue.

It offers a georgeous view around it and beautiful vineyards as well olive trees, pervect elements for amazing pictures. I was so happy to capture new emotions, expecially becasue the couple had a special guest: a nice young dog! I love to shoot engagement session in Cianti because here you can find the perfect views for you engagement session or wedding.

I’m based in Tuscany, where I work since 2003 and I’m always excited to capure new emtions and discover new peoples.

During ous session we where really lucky because the light was perfect: it was warm and soft, the right mix for amazing pictures! Expecially at the sunset when the light is superb. I love to shoot engagement session in Chianti during the golden hour! After my couple session I’m always really happy: I can capture so many emotions with my camera! So, if you ae thinking to come to Italy, you must visit Tuscany, so I will be able to capture your engagement session in Chianti! if you want to take a look at another couple session, see here:https://www.duccioargentini.com/surprise-proposal-in-tuscany-italy/ 

About Chianti Area: https://www.chianti.it/comuni/

Pictures: Duccio Argentini Photography

Venue: Agriturismo Quercia al Poggio http://www.quercialpoggio.com/



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