Proposal surprise in Florence? I think It's a great idea!
proposal in florence

Proposal surprise in Florence

Do you think to do your Proposal surprise in Florence? As Florence wedding photographer I think it’s a great idea.

City of Florence is the perfect place to declare your love, the most romantic city of the world. To plan your Proposal surprise in Florence you need to know something : first, city of Florence is really crowded place, expecially during the summer.

So, you risk to have around you a lot of people, and I think isn’t so romantic atmosphere. If you want to do a great Proposal surprise in Florence you need to plan it or at the sunrise or at the sunset. The most of the couples dream own Proposal surprise in Florence with a great background, like Duomo or Ponte Vecchio.

The best spots for this kind of background are on Florentine hills in front of Florence. You need just a few minutes by taxy to reach these spots, like Piazzale Michelangelo or San miniato al monte area. Of course every tourist want to reach this amazing area of Florence.

If you don’t want to spend your time for your Proposal surprise in Florence at the sunrise, you can choose a private area where you need a ticket to go inside. For example Giardino Bardini, one beautiful garden near to the centre of the city, with a perfect background for your Proposal surprise in Florence.

Here there are not so many people inside. Of course we can find the perfect moment with nobody around you, so to be able to capture the perfect atmosphere for your Proposal surprise in Florence.Giardino Bardini offer amazing spots in front of Cupola del Brunelleschi, the best place to declare your love with Proposal surprise in Florence.

After the proposal surprise in Florence I usually shoot my photographic service like a classic engagement. Giardino Bardini offer a lot of amazing spots to shoot unique pictures for your memory about this unforgettable day. If you want to know more about Giardino Bardini, take a look here: 

Of course there are a lot of alternative spots for a georgeous proposal surprise in Florence: the Ponte Vecchio area offers great background, too. But you need to find the rigt moment for the proposal, because the centre of Florence is really crowd. Another idea it could be in the terrace: many hotels in the centre of Florence have beautiful terraces with an amazing view on Ponte Vecchio or Duomo of Florence. This kind of spot will give you the chance to realize your dream.

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