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Same-Sex Wedding Photographer Florence: Timur & Guillaume.

same-sex wedding photographer Florence:

same-sex wedding photographer Florence: Timur & Guillaume: The story about same-sex wedding in Florence

For this story, as a same-sex wedding photographer Florence, I want to tell you about it with the voice of the protagonists.

“Before I met Guillaume, I thought I was as happy as a person could be. When gay marriage was legalized in the United States, I didn’t really care. It didn’t apply to me. I was never going to get married. I was happy being by myself and had made peace with the fact that that’s how it would be for the rest of my life.

Things changed quickly when I met Guillaume back in October 2015. He was different – I knew it from the first time. This beautiful French man was about to change my life forever. Living in Tampa for 9 years at the time, I had never met anyone like him. Our relationship blossomed very quickly.

In May 2016, we went to Dubai, where my family lived so he could meet them for the first time. Not wasting any time, Guillaume secretly asked them if he could propose to me. How could they have said no? They fell in love with him themselves.

Guillaume and I have a passion for travel. In our three years together, we’ve traveled to more than 25 destinations (and counting) around the world. We wouldn’t be who we are without our crazy travel stories and experiences. So when Guillaume proposed to me in July 2016 during a trip to Key West, it went without saying that we would be doing a destination wedding in Florence. It felt right.

In our discussions, there were a lot of variables, but our final decision was to celebrate our wedding in Italy so our families could easily travel from France and Turkey. But more than that, Italy is absolutely breathtaking and felt right for us. This celebration of love has been coming for almost two years. We wanted our guests to experience authentic Italy, and found the perfect place to celebrate our love in Londa, a small town outside of Florence. We took a day trip and drove from Nice, France to Londa during one of our family visits just to see the villa. It was perfect.

Then came May 2018 – the ultimate countdown for us. Everything about our tuscan wedding was magical and left us with a lifetime of memories we will cherish. We were honored and humbled that so many loved ones flew from around the world to be with us (some of them leaving their home countries for the first time). Every time I look at the photos, taken from our same-sex wedding photographer Duccio Argentini, I am reminded of every emotion I experienced during the event.

Is it better to know that you’re missing something in your life or to be ignorant and think you’ve achieved ultimate happiness? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m so happy to know I found my missing half – when I didn’t even know I was missing it.

Celebrate love. The world needs more of it.”


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