Surprise proposal in Tuscany? you need beautiful pictures!

Surprise proposal in Tuscany

If you are planning a Surprise proposal in Tuscany, you need to capture this incredible event forever with some beautiful pictures.

Of course you will need an experience photographer, expecially with a lot of experience about a Surprise proposal in Tuscany. As a Surprise  wedding photographer since 2003, I shooted a lot of Surprise wedding proposal in Tuscany. If you are worry about my ability, don’t worry. We need just a plan.

Yes I need to plan the proposal with the future groom. For example about “where” to do the proposal: I need to know the right spot, so I will be able to capture the Surprise wedding proposal in Tuscany with the perfect timing.

If you want to capture your Surprise wedding proposal in Tuscany, there are two different ways to realize it: first option, she knows about  the presence of the photographer, because the perfect excuse is to plan a fake engagement, then  it became a surprise proposal during our shooting.

The alternative way is a total surprise, but it’s really difficult to realize it. The reason is, if the photographer appear too early, the surprise is finished, because she understands the reason of the presence of the photographer .

If you appear too late, you risk to loose the emotional moment, when he shows her the rings and  he say the famous phrase: “would you marry me?” As Tuscan Wedding photographer I can assert is really difficult to be invisible, and at the same time to be so close to the couple, so to capture the proposal .

This is the reason you need an expert professional photographer. To shoot a Surprise wedding proposal in Tuscany is a great emotion for the photographer, too. I shooted some incredible proposal and always they are so romantic! I love to manage together the future groom the Surprise proposal in Tuscany, because I want to ge the best from my photographic service.

Please remember that I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Tuscany. So, if you need a tuscan wedding photographer after your Surprise proposal in Tuscany , please consider I could help you with your future destination wedding in Tuscany!

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