Tuscan Wedding Photo Shoots At Castello il Palagio - Duccio Argentini
Tuscan Wedding Photo Shoots At Palagio Castle

Tuscan Wedding Photo Shoots At Palagio Castle

Tuscan Wedding Photo Shoots: Nicola and Dane’s wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings of the season.

This is the story of a Tuscan Wedding Photo Shoots At Palagio Castle. I’m not referring only to the venue and the decor, I am referring to the people: the sincere couple, joyous and a real ease.  They could laugh, cry and joke. This wedding was in the middle of the summer season, just outside of Florence.  The guests all stayed at Fonte de Medici and the celebration itself was at Castello il Palagio.

Dave is next to the celebrant impatiently awaiting his bride, Nicola. Here comes the bridesmaids, walking elegantly up the aisle. Here comes the bride and her father, just behind them. Everyone turns to see them enter. Nicola’s father gives her away to Dane – high emotions in the air!

After some readings given by intimate friends of the couple, the moment everyone was waiting for:  the exchanging of rings! Applause bursts, then a truly romantic kiss marks the end of the outdoor tuscan ceremony. Nicola and Dane are finally husband and wife as they walk back up the aisle under a rain of confetti tossed by their loved ones. All the tension is gone and the party can begin!

As they hours pass, the summer light gets more warm and beautiful.  We go off for a private photoshoot, just the couple and myself. It is a special moment when the couple can relax, walk, chat and I can take photos that are not posed. Luckily Castello il Palagio is surrounded by lovely vineyards which are perfect for the romantic shots of the couple alone. Nicola and Dane are relaxed so all I have to do is find the right angles and the perfect Tuscan light and it all comes together.

Afterwards we all proceed to the castle courtyard where their dinner begins. The speeches filled the guests and the couple with true emotion – tears and laughter. What wonderful energy there was! At the end of dinner, they cut their delicious cake and had their first dance under a sky of fairy lights.  It was a fantastic wedding that will always be in my heart. Thank you Nicola and Dane for allowing me the honour to photograph your big day! The Tuscan Wedding Photo Shoots At Palagio Castle is for sure one of my favorite weddings of my life!

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Photographer:  Duccio Argentini

Weddingplanner:  Originaltuscanwedding

Venue: Fonte de’ Medici, Castello il Palagio

Catering: Class Ricevimenti

Music&lighting: Alma Project

Florals: Violamalva

Beauty: Pamela Leti

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