Vows Renewal Photographer in Tuscany - Duccio Argentini pic
Duccio Argentini: Vows Renewal Photographer in Tuscany

Vows Renewal Photographer in Tuscany

Vows renewal Photographer in Tuscany

For this story, as a Vows renewal Photographer in Tuscany, I want to tell you about it with the voice of the protagonists.

“When you rub Porcellinos snout and drop a coin from his jaws into the underlying grate on your first visit to Firenze, there’s nothing else you can do than to return to beautiful Tuscany including another visit to Florence. So when the thought came to mind to do a vow renewal with a close group of family and friends, we chose to do so at the Romignano Winefarm only an hour away from the city. Though Porcellino obviously had a strong say in our decision to return to the area, our love for travel, the beautiful Italy countryside and the fantastic Italian food also played some part in our decision.

We got married on August 30th 2014 and renewed our vows celebrating our 5th year of marriage on August 30th 2019. A special moment we wanted to share with a special group of family and friends. Everybody gathered at the wine farm for the week and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Friday was the big day and the weather forecast predicted it to be a rainy day. Of course it would be one of the few times they got it right! The tuscan outside ceremony was set to start at 5.30 PM and it started to pour at around 4 PM. Where’s that Porcellino luck we earned fair and square! The boar came through cause at 5 PM the clouds blew over, the rain stopped and the sun started to shine through the clouds. All set for a beautiful Tuscan vow renewal.

Everything went down perfectly and we enjoyed every second of it. Our best man, read man’s best friend, looked impeccable, the ceremony was intimate, the Tuscan sunset was everything we hoped for, the smoke torches colorful and vibrant, the decorations were beautiful and the food was divine. Nothing but my compliments and love for the staff of the Romignano winefarm.

Of course we needed a photographer to capture all of these moments and since we live in The Netherlands we chose one by browsing websites. Duccio’s photos immediately caught our attention. Vibrant colors, with an essence of romance and soft lighting. We booked him without ever speaking or meeting in person and we weren’t disappointed when we met for the first time on the big day.

He immediately went to work snapping photos, assessing the weather situation, running to and from photo opportunities and looking for the right light for the best snaps. As easy going and friendly as he is, he made taking photos feel effortless. The weather was rough on a photographer running around, kneeling, circling and what not, cause the temperatures were high and the weather was humid, but Duccio really gave it his all.”

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Photos: Duccio Argentini

Location: Romignano Wine Farm

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