intimate wedding on tuscan seaside, take a look at my story

intimate wedding on tuscan seaside

Carina and Philipp, decided to get married in Tuscany with an intimate wedding on tuscan seaside

At the same day as Pilipp made the official marriage proposal. This is the story about an intimate wedding on tuscan sea side.

Both had always dreamt of a romantic and intimate wedding on tuscan seaside seemed to be the right place where to realize this.

Both liked the idea of ​​getting married on the coast and having a photo shooting on the seaside with a sandy white beach.

On the other hand, they were inclined to spend a holiday together with their closest family and friends in the silence and beauty of the Tuscan landscape and to celebrate a villa-wedding with a stunning panoramic view on the rolling hills.

How to decide?

Together with their wedding planner (Toscana-Mania) they found a solution to combine both possibilities.

They decided on a villa amidst the green hills and situated at only a short drive from the seaside, where they could spend 10 days with their loved ones.

For the tuscan wedding day, they accepted the proposal of a beautiful venue situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea with a private beach and beautiful gardens offering the possibility to get married on-site with full privacy, although the high season had already started. An intimate wedding on tuscan seaside is a great idea.

After the intimate wedding on tuscan seaside, they enjoyed the photo session on the beach and in the wide gardens. The venue reserved the whole pool area for the little group to have their aperitifs and starters before changing to another part of the garden where to enjoy the wedding menu prepared by the exclusive restaurant.

After dinner, a transfer accompanied them back to their villa, which in the morning, had been already decorated by the guests to welcome the spouses upon their return.

The romantic moment for cutting the wedding cake, that had been delivered to the villa, was another highlight of the day and the day ended with a perfect atmosphere during their intimate wedding party.

As the photos clearly show, the newlyweds could not be happier about their extremely varied and rich in multiple locations organized destination wedding!

If you are thinking to choose an intimate wedding on tuscan seaside, ask me and I will help you to find the right spot.

I love to shoot my weddings on seaside or in the tuscan forest. If you want to take a look another wedding with the same style, take a look at: wedding in tuscany at time of Covid 19

Weddingplanner: Toscana Mania

Photography: Duccio Argentini Photography



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